Orientation Tours:

  • Guided tour in The central library of MUST to view, define and guide the community users to its services.
  • User Training:

  • With assistance and guidance of library staff on how to use the services of the library, so the training of users is the efforts of the library staff to give the users the basic skills necessary to deal with the library and the services.
  • Reference Services:

  • One of the extension services provided by the central library of MUST is provide objective possibilities and tools that would rise to the level of the effective use of information sources, wherever found in the library, through guidance, clarification and information.
  • Reply to queries from researchers and university community.
  • The library allows references in the fields of medicine, engineering, information technology and biochemistry and arts ...etc.
  • Guide users for how to use these references through references specialist.
  • Reader Services:

  • The allocation meeting for internal where appropriate area, good light, airy sound health, beside the appropriate equipment, decent seats from reading tables, shelves and suitable for all vessels of information that may comprise the hall, as well as fortified against noise
  • User's services:

  • At reading, the University Library and Collections Services provide vital support for students, researchers and staff, complementing academic activities.
  • The Library arranges access to many E-resources including reliable databases directing you to articles and books.
  • We arrange access to information, whether online, multimedia, or in print.
  • You can ask us for help at Information Desks or by .
  • Circulation:

  • Circulation services provided for fast check in, checkout, renew, and reserve of items for patrons.
  • Copy & Print Services:

  • The central library of MUST provides a variety of copy and print services for users.
  • Current Awareness Services:

  • The Current awareness service is the knowledge of modern developments in any branch of knowledge, including interest to the beneficiaries of these developments.
  • User Profile Services:

  • Is one of the ongoing Current awareness service provided by The Central library of MUST and the community of users of its services through the groups that receive the attention of the public opinion or society of the beneficiaries and the resulting changes and lists the new additions during the screen displays all recently the library.
  • Document Delivery Service:

  • Document Delivery Service (DDS) at the library provides you with materials in an electronic or printed format that are not available in the library’s resources and collections. If after searching OPAC, MDAR and Egyptian Knowledge Bank you can’t find the material you are looking for, you may use the Document Delivery Service Form.
  • Hours: Saturday - Wednesday: 9:00am - 9:00pm. Thursday : 9:00am -3:00pm.
    Weekends and statutory holidays: closed.
    Al-Motamayez District, 6th of October City, Egypt.
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